Our story starts with ‘Design and ends with you’ and at Fashion Market.lk and we are about promoting a new vision for ‘Designed, Handwoven and Made in Sri Lanka’ and to reach special kind of person directly and invite them to be part of our story – we think that person could be you !
Check our own Brand Island Collection’s story and the guest brands below.



At Island Collection, we offer beautifully designed and curated clothes that are modern, clean, natural and fresh whilst encompassing all that is important to us, style, craftsmanship and the human touch. Our style is sophisticated, modern and simple – a kind of effortless intelligent chic that just works. We are inspired by the work of village artisan textiles craftsmen and women, and we strive to support their rural cottage industry craftsmanship, ensuring that skills are passed on to future generations and they have a sustained income – we believe in a new vision -.Check our story in the video below





We work closely with invited designer brands to add complementary products to our world, and of course, we support a new generation of young sustainable designer brand and great manufacturers in Sri Lanka creating their own brand.