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Iznik Enchantress - Our latest folkloric florals inspired collection

The new year is all about venturing into the unknown! To kick-start your new adventures in style, Urban Island Colombo introduces Iznik Enchantress Collection for the Ultra-Sophisticated girl in you by our designer Ann Mendis, with an unspoken charm of adventurous spontaneousness. Drawing inspiration from Iznik pottery and brightly coloured folkloric florals , with an emphasis on "beauty found in unexpected places - enhanced through time and natureā€ as a central theme, this collection encompasses a vibrant approach to design.

Iznik Enchantress -Our latest folkloric florals inspired collection

Iznik Enchantress - Our latest folkloric florals inspired collection

The theme itself is reminiscent of the workmanship and design of Anatolian artisans of Iznik, who excelled in such craft. The latter employed both elements of the ottoman empire and Chinese influences to make a truly unique blend of craft and creativity. That form of creative incorporation brought the concept of intercultural influences and thus, in a way was paving way for a truly culture spanning mode of artistry that transcended borders and nations. It was truly a handshake between cultures and people who were at opposite ends of the world.

Fluid yet diverse at the same moment ,intermixing a contrast of colors and fabrics ,and material such as cotton and chambray - and using techniques such as screen printing , embroidered inspirational wording and bleaching on chambray fabric to bring out that special aura of bohemian elegance. Shades of blues , mint green , Carrington Beige , pale pink imbued relaxed dropped hem shift dresses, feminine shirt dresses, boxy shirts, long slip dresses with lace details, midi dresses , incorporating Classic collars and Short rolled-up sleeves that draw Emphasis on a Brighten Back-To-Work in style look.

For the young independent lady in you that yearns for style and taste - subtle, casual yet contemporary ; a chic look that deftly terns heads and makes your personality stand out of the crowd.These looks compliment the independent and the individualistic ; those who are unafraid to make a statement - in a subtle sublime sense. The collection adds another dimension to the wearer, imbuing a sense of chic yet sophistication, with an underlying note of adventure and spontaneousness. A sure win for the personality who strives to bring a tone of ambiguous adventure, that seeps into everything that they encompass - to make a leap into the wide world, to make a foray into the corporate labyrinth yet be composed and vibrant.

To be an individual first and foremost, to make a statement and to be suave in equal measure. The world is out there in all its bright hues and tones - so why don't you join in and intermingle with the colors of your own?