New-age sarees to transform you

Saree, the traditional style staple of the South Asian woman was born centuries ago and has transformed over the years. Derived from the simple solution of draping a long cloth to cover your waist and top, the saree has changed much since it was worn first.

Interestingly, the saree has never gone out of fashion and is getting special attention by young women today. With new incarnations of the saree coming into the limelight with trendy colour combinations, minimal detailing, geometric patterns and cool contrasts, more and more young women find the saree their favoured option for weddings, occasions and even work. The preferred saree fabrics are silk, crepe, chiffon, lace, or cotton which are all capable of creating different draping styles or silhouettes.

The saree is also extremely popular as a work outfit as it demands respect like no other garment. Perfectly versatile for heat and cold, as well as switching between work, after-hour occasions and desk-to-dinner transitions the saree is a beloved wardrobe staple today.

The designer sarees preferred by the women today, consider this dual role for work or occasions. The colours tend to be carefully chosen to meet discreet work looks while a rich pattern or a contrasting saree blouse will add that extra bit of glamour to turn heads at a party after-hours. If you are looking for sarees in Sri Lanka , you need to make sure that the online stores are reputable enough from where you decide to buy them.

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