Too many great fashion choices!

Online saree shopping can be tricky - the choices are overwhelming. But,  the trick is to narrow your options down by thinking about when and  where you will be wearing it; everyday, at work, or in the evening while out and about for dinner? A new saree aesthetic emerging in Sri Lanka has found an amazing balance between ‘dressy’ and ‘everyday’ which simplifies your search even further. With cool colour palettes, contrasting blouse pieces and fun patterns, these sarees are made for easy desk-to-dinner transitions.

The Sri Lankan sarees designed by modern designers carry a timeless style sense. Even when using traditional textiles, Sri Lanka’s contemporary designers have developed a strong aesthetic which runs parallel to international catwalk styles. Sri Lankan designers have a fantastic advantage in taking these traditional-modern fusions forward; this is that Sri Lanka is home to a high-tech apparel manufacturing industry, and one of the very best in the world. Through this existing infrastructure for fashion manufacture, today Sri Lanka is presenting unique and high-quality fashion that is captivating the world.

The saree commands a powerful presence of respect and authority - a trait absolutely loved by today’s free-thinking women who value their place in and out of work. Working closely with heritage artisans whose ancient textile weaving methods and patterns have gained new appreciation in the current fashion movements, Sri Lanka’s new online designer fashion destination presents a unique range of sarees. While paying homage to the traditional weaves and textures, also uses cutting-edge design and uber-chic colour palettes to create their breath-taking range of new sarees. From lovely pastels, fierce shades to contrasting monochromes and patterns, these new-age sarees are made especially for the modern woman whose role at work is as important as her role at home.

Taking a step beyond the everyday work saree, and the elaborate occasion saree, range of sarees are made to dress women for every occasion. Instead of depending on outdated work attire rules of the usual elaborate nature of occasion wear, this new range of sarees weave together the busy woman’s day with sarees ideal for both work or play. Through the subtle colour palettes, modern patterns and the unique blouse pieces, this ultra-modern collection of sarees inspire woman to make confident desk-to-dinner transitions.

All the sarees at, come with special care instructions. It is very important to pay attention to the care directions if you want your saree to last a lifetime.

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