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Sri Lanka has an interesting fashion culture of its own. Over the past few decades, Sri Lanka has seen the rise of its own style that is very much in line with the easy-going, modern city life in the island. Sri Lanka has a unique fashion culture that has been fuelled by a unique textile heritage, the modern design talent from the country as well as the high-tech fashion manufacturing facilities available in the island. This combination, plus the growing commitment to sustainable clothing has made Sri Lanka a new paradise for unique fashion.

Sri Lankan fashion, although very contemporary and chic, is well-connected to its heritage. Sri Lanka’s fashion heritage draws from thousands of years in textile weaving, Batik, dyeing and other traditional methods that give rise to rich, unique fabrics. The simple, discreetly coloured looks of these textiles are currently coveted by the fashion world and carry a timeless style sense.

These traditional textiles are now being used for high-end chic fashion collections by Sri Lanka’s contemporary designers whose work bears strong parallels to international catwalk styles. Sri Lankan designers have a fantastic advantage in taking these traditional-modern fusions forward; this is that Sri Lanka is home to a high-tech apparel manufacturing industry, and one of the very best in the world. So today, Sri Lanka is the home to a unique style that is a great balance between contemporary times and tradition.

Taking forward this unique style sense is the reputed online designer fashion destination. aims to share Sri Lanka’s fascinating textile heritage and its contemporary new incarnation with the world by making it available online. With reliable delivery services and easy exchange modes, is now available for purchase from anywhere in the world.

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